Student Organization Event Sponsorship Request


The Student Organization Event Sponsorship program offers recognized student organizations an opportunity to receive funds for events throughout the academic year (fall and spring semesters only). Events must fall under the following tracks (can overlap):

  • service
  • fundraising
  • entertainment
  • academic showcase
  • student organization recruitment
  • athletics/recreation (tournaments, activities)

In addition to having events that meet the above criteria, this program's focus is on student organizations with limited resources. The Student Organization Sponsorship program can provide the resources needed to support access to leadership, fundraising, and recruiting opportunities.

(Note: these are priorities but not necessarily requirements for funding)

  1. Events that have the potential to attract a broad cross-section of the student body.
  2. Events that show collaboration between student organizations.
  3. Student organizations that can provide matching funds for an event. (If your organization has limited resources, you are encouraged to partner with other student groups or university departments that can assist with matching funds. )


PLEASE NOTE: Funding events through this program is based on the number of requests and funds available.

Funds will not be automatically deposited into an organization’s account. After funding is awarded by the committee, the organization’s treasurer should contact Kathleen Harrison to discuss the payment process. Funds are typically reimbursed after the event, but this program can work with an organization to discuss options for payment. Please note that this program reimburses direct expenses only. It does not reimburse items such as gift cards or other purchases that can be used as cash.


Once an organization has been selected to receive funds, logistical details, final scheduling and approval must go through the Event Authorization Committee and their policies.

For questions about the Student Organization Sponsorship program, please contact or 515/294-0322.

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