Rowe-Barth joins the division of student affairs

Mark Rowe-Barth named director of student wellness, effective Aug. 15.


Mark Rowe-Barth, associate director of student wellness services at University of Northern Iowa, has been named director of student wellness, effective Aug. 15.

Rowe-Barth is passionate about student wellness and has successfully directed wellness programming at the University of Northern Iowa’s student wellness program. He has a bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in psychology (2002) and a master’s degree in student affairs (2007), both from the University of Northern Iowa.

As director of student wellness, Rowe-Barth will oversee the development of a Campus-Wide Wellness Program (CWWP) and will coordinate existing and expanding programs targeting a wide range of wellness areas such as mental health and counseling services, financial health, and student health.

“I am grateful to Dr. Harmon for providing me with this phenomenal opportunity to build and lead the student wellness program at ISU,” said Rowe-Barth. “I am eager to get to work building relationships and interdisciplinary partnerships in order to further the Campus-Wide Wellness Program.”

“Student health and wellness is a top priority for the division,” said senior vice president for student affairs Martino Harmon. “Mark’s experience in building and directing an effective student wellness program will enable him to work in coordination with several student affairs departments to ensure that Iowa State is on the cutting edge of effective health and wellness education, safety initiatives, prevention, and intervention. Most importantly, he understands and has seen first-hand how health and wellness is critically tied to student success.”

Rowe-Barth will be the first director of student wellness for the division of student affairs at Iowa State University and will report to the office of the senior vice president for student affairs.