Co-Curricular Learning Domains

At Iowa State University, we believe that learning is an activity that happens anywhere and everywhere on campus. Further, we believe that the activities associated with the college experience, especially those that help emerging adults gain the cognitive and social skills necessary to be successful outside of college, should be rooted in a common set of definitions and goals. In the Division of Student Affairs, we call these definitions and goals the Co-Curricular Learning Domains, or CCLDs.

What are the Domains?

icon for Civic Engagement domain Civic Engagement

Supporting the process of students becoming responsible, engaged citizens who contribute to global and local communities.

     Civic Responsibility
     Social Responsibility
     Global Perspective

icon for Intrapersonal Development domain Intrapersonal Development

A reflective process through which students are able to develop, define, and integrate their personal identities, values, and beliefs into everyday actions, choices, and decisions.

     Self-Awareness & Understanding
     Accountability & Integrity

icon for Justice, Equity, and Inclusion domain Justice, Equity, and Inclusion

Supporting students in their identity and awareness development processes, and challenging them to move toward broader understanding of complex environments. Future professionals need skills and awareness in advocacy, social justice and equity concepts, inclusive programming, and collaboration.

     Awareness of Diversity and Appreciation for Diverse Experiences
     Cultural Competency
     Identifying and Addressing Inequity

icon for Leadership domain Leadership

A relational and ethical process of people together attempting to accomplish positive change.


icon for Wellness domain Wellness

An active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a successful existence.


Download the CCLD one-pager, which lists the domain definitions and the dimensions, or the CCLD two-pager that also contains definitions for the dimensions.

Why do we have the CCLDs?

The five Co-Curricular Learning Domains, definitions, and related dimensions provide both a framework and a language for describing/defining the learning that occurs through the co-curricular programs and services offered in the Division of Student Affairs. The CCLDs also reflect the values espoused by the Division and the current Iowa State University Strategic Plan.