Assessment Plans

What is an assessment plan?

It describes, in detail:

• Each department’s mission, vision, and goals
• Signature and significant programs and services offered in the Division of Student Affairs
• Links between departmental efforts and the Division’s Mission, Values, and Priorities
• Assessment efforts employed to examine programs and services
• Key metrics and measurements used to gauge efficacy

Why do we need a Division-wide assessment plan?

• We are a big Division
     • Nearly 30 departments
     • Over 50 functional areas
• No Division-level understanding of all efforts exists
• A lot of our individual work is similar to others’ work in the Division

Our ability to tell a cohesive story hinges on a clear understanding of what everyone in each department is doing, at least at a high level.

Department Assessment Plan Template (MS Word document)
Completed Department Assessment Plan Template – Multicultural Student Affairs (PDF) (courtesy Denise Williams-Klotz; program-oriented department)
Completed Department Assessment Plan Template – Student Affairs Assessment & Research (PDF) (service-oriented department)