Data Systems Inventory

The Office of the Registrar and the Office of Student Affairs Assessment and Research are collaborating to collect information about the data systems employed by departments within the Division of Student Affairs.

The phrase “data system” is meant to be a generic term that aims to provide stakeholders with student data to help solve educational problems. The data system may be a commercially available product (e.g., Workday, SharePoint, Maxient), a centrally/ITS-developed tool (e.g., the co-curricular transcript), or an in-office created system (e.g., an Access database, an Excel worksheet, web-based data management system such as judicial tracking), or some other data-warehousing system. The data systems identified can be those that collect data, store data, or report on data. In the end, we’re trying to capture who has what data, in what systems, and how that data is used and accessed.

Once all departments have completed the initial inventory and the data has been analyzed, information about what has been learned will be posted on this site.