Outside the classroom

The college student experience encompasses many things, including, but certainly not limited to, classes, internships, jobs, fieldwork, labs, and research. However, the vast majority of students’ time in college is spent Outside the Classroom – and at Iowa State, the Division of Student Affairs is heavily involved in helping to enhance the rich and vibrant experience students have come to expect. Outside the Classroom focuses on how the various departments in Student Affairs shape the co-curriculum in which students are involved. We aim to highlight efforts that may not be widely known or understood. We also want to provide in-depth data and information that can demonstrate the ways in which students are benefiting from leadership, involvement, employment, support, and global engagement experiences. If you see a potential collaboration or cooperative effort as a result of this information, we invite you to email us at studentaffairs@iastate.edu so that together, we can create the best Cyclone experience possible for all students.