President’s Leadership Initiative Awards Application

Applications are CLOSED.

All President’s Leadership Initiative Awards are $2,000. There are six scholarships available under this initiative. Please review the criteria for each scholarship you are applying for before completing this application.

President’s Leadership Initiative Awards require:

Note: Awards will be for academic year 2018-2019; total award is divided between the two semesters. Recipients must be enrolled for both semester to receive the full award. Winners will be notified in March 2017. 

Applicant Info

Full Name as it appears in Iowa State University records *

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Status for 2018-2019

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Before selecting an award, make sure you meet the criteria.


Please ask two individuals who have observed you in a leadership role to serve as references for you. Each of your references should complete a recommendation form. At least one of the references should come from a member of the Iowa State University faculty or staff. Recommenders should submit the forms prior to the application deadline.


Cover Letter

Provide a one (1) page summary of your leadership experience and qualifications for this award.*
(max file size 32mb)

Leadership Resume

Provide a resume that describes all paid and/or volunteer leadership experiences. The main focus should be on your involvement while a college student. Give dates of involvement, titles, activities, and accomplishments.*
(max file size 32mb)


In an essay of 500-1,000 words, describe one quality you believe makes a good leader, explain why, and tell how you have exemplified that quality in previous leadership roles. Illustrate you points with specific examples. Please upload a .pdf *
(max file size 32mb)


In signing this application form, I extend permission to examine my official university record, both academic and disciplinary, to all those officially involved in the selection process. If awarded this scholarship, I give Iowa State University permission to include my name on the list of recipients and release it to the public as required under the terms of the scholarship. (Note: this list may include scholarship selection criteria, major, and hometown.)

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Oversight of the Presidential Leadership Initiative Award rests with Senior Vice President for Student Affairs. Please direct all inquires regarding the application process or qualification for the awards to the SVPSA office at 2350 Beardshear Hall, Iowa State University, Ames, IA, 50010-2039, (telephone) 515 294-4420 or (FAX) 515 294-2305.

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