Professional Development

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Time and space for professional development and wellbeing needs are encouraged.

Staff feedback has indicated that due to high workload, space to engage in activities to enhance wellbeing and professional development during work hours is very limited, particularly for merit employees. It is important that all employees take advantage of activities on and off campus and online to improve their skills and abilities that ultimately positively impact our workforce.

The following strategies focus on ways to enhance this aspect of our culture within the division. 


  • Continually strategize office coverage to allow for all staff to participate in opportunities during the year.  Engage with employees to make sure they have time to participate in professional development and wellbeing needs as they arise.  Use this resource as a guide. 
  • Have consistent conversations about career goals and aspirations with employees and identify how you can help them meet their career needs.

All Employees - Engage and participate in activities that enhance your wellbeing and professional development opportunities during your working hours.  These opportunities strengthen your skillset and allow you to enhance your work with students, colleagues, and guests. Information about professional development opportunities will be shared on platforms like Topics with Toyia, Inside Iowa State, and other communication from the university and division to learn about opportunities.  We encourage you to seek out opportunities and talk with your supervisors about what participation could look like for you.