What Cyclones Are Saying

Culture of Care

Brian Vanderheyden, Student Wellness

"Student Wellness can help you succeed at ISU by connecting you to resources and programs for support to help you thrive. Every student goes through challenging times in college, you are not alone and we are here to help. I’ll work to meet you where you’re at, without shame, guilt or judgement."

Chris Wilson, Student Counseling Services

“Therapy is like other relationships in that we need safety and trust first. Part of creating a safe and trusting relationship is learning about students in their context, including their identities, background and experiences, and honoring differences in identities.” 

Heather Ayers, Thielen Student Health Center

"When students call for assistance from the providers or medication refills, I help navigate their needs to ensure they are taken care of quickly. It is important to me that students feel listened to and reassured. Asking for help, can be emotionally challenging and knowing that someone is listening, can make things feel less intense."

Sasha Ruane-Borges-Ho, Student Counseling Services

“As a therapist, my role is to support students in reaching their personal goals whether that be to solve problems, improve a relationship, or change a pattern. The student sets the destination, and I support them in navigating there.”

Milly Agai, Student Assistance

"The opportunity to meet with each student is a gift to me and I feel humbled to be part of their journey as they navigate their path towards success as Cyclones. My priority is to give a listening ear and hopefully meet their needs whether academic, personal or wellbeing concerns."

Michelle Roling, Student Counseling Services

“Therapy is like all other services. I’ve had bad haircuts, but I didn’t stop getting my hair done. I simply kept searching for a person who cut my hair in a way that works for me. Know that you may need to try more than one therapist before you connect the way you’d like – that’s OK!”   

Carver Nebbe, Thielen Student Health Center

“I provide care for mental health problems, including evaluation, counseling and diagnosis as well as medical management. Coming to see me requires courage, time and effort. I want students to know their needs are taken seriously. It can be scary to ask for help, but it’s almost always a rewarding experience.”